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At Maison des Fleurs, we take pride in curating exquisite floral arrangements that transcend ordinary gifting. Our passion for crafting captivating experiences is reflected in our premium selection of fresh flowers, long-life roses, and elegant orchids. As connoisseurs of beauty, we offer a unique blend of nature’s wonders with our stunning faux flowers, creating lasting impressions that endure.

With our same-day delivery service, your thoughtful gesture can reach its destination promptly, making every occasion special. Delve into our ‘Summer Collection’, where vibrant hues and delicate fragrances encapsulate the essence of the season. Whether it’s celebrating UAE’s national day, expressing love to family and friends, or elevating your space with floral elegance, Maison des Fleurs is here to provide floral marvels that go beyond words.

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Emirati National Day Flowers and Gift Set

Discover the Finest UAE National Day Flowers at Maison des Fleurs

As the vibrant spirit of UAE National Day draws near, we at Maison des Fleurs are excited to embrace the essence of this momentous occasion through our meticulously crafted flowers. This annual celebration not only signifies the unity and pride of the UAE but also offers a remarkable opportunity to express heartfelt emotions through the language of flowers.

Imagine gifting a stunning bouquet that reflects the patriotic colors of the UAE flag, encapsulating the nation’s spirit in every petal. Or consider adorning your home or workplace with elegant flowers that pay tribute to the rich heritage and progress of this remarkable country. Our exquisite rose collection and diverse array of blooms enable you to make a statement that goes beyond words.

As we approach UAE National Day, it’s essential to understand the significance of this event. It marks the moment when the UAE federation was formed in 1971, bringing together the seven emirates into a united nation. This day symbolizes the UAE’s journey of growth, unity, and prosperity.

What better way to be a part of this celebratory occasion than by embracing the beauty of flowers, which have the power to convey the deepest emotions and capture the very essence of this remarkable nation? Join us in commemorating UAE National Day with our captivating flowers that reflect the heart and soul of the Emirates.

Explore Our Range of UAE National Day Flowers

Embrace the vibrant spirit of UAE National Day with our exquisite selection of fresh flowers at Maison des Fleurs. Our curated range encapsulates the essence of this joyous occasion, offering a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances that reflect the unity and pride of the UAE. Delight in the versatility of our blooms, each telling a unique story.

If you’re seeking floral elegance without the upkeep, our faux flowers offer the same visual appeal as their fresh counterparts. With every petal crafted to perfection, they exude the same splendor without the need for maintenance, allowing you to cherish the festive spirit for years to come. Join us in celebrating UAE National Day with our captivating blooms that mirror the nation’s vibrant hues and unity.

Our Online Delivery Service

At Maison des Fleurs, we extend the essence of celebration beyond our exquisite floral collection. Our seamless online delivery service ensures that the beauty of our flowers reaches every corner of the UAE, allowing you to send your heartfelt wishes with ease. Whether you’re commemorating UAE National Day or simply expressing your affection, our online platform empowers you to browse our diverse range and place orders effortlessly.

For those seeking swift delivery, our same-day delivery service ensures that your chosen flowers grace their recipient on the very day of your order. This remarkable option allows you to infuse spontaneity into your gestures, making every moment count. With a few clicks, you can select from our captivating collection, place your order, and witness the magic of our timely delivery unfold.

Embrace the convenience of our online platform as you explore our array of flowers designed to convey your emotions. Whether it’s the splendor of a UAE National Day bouquet or a gesture of love for a special someone, our delivery service bridges the gap and brings your intentions to life. Order now to experience the seamless blend of elegance and efficiency that defines our online collection.


Our Locations

Maison des Flowers proudly supplies the finest flowers out of locations throughout the UAE. These destinations are as follows:

Dubai Mall
Jumeirah Beach Road
Mall of Emirates
Dubai Design District
Dubai International Financial Centre

We are also located in other Emirates of the UAE:

Abu Dhabi

Experience the elegance and beauty of our flowers at these exquisite venues across the UAE.


Discover the heartfelt stories our customers share about their Maison des Fleurs experience. Hear how our exquisite flowers have made moments truly unforgettable. Visit our website to explore the testimonials that speak volumes about our commitment to floral excellence.

UAe National Day Flowers

Why Come to Us for UAE National Day Flowers?

At Maison des Fleurs, the experience surpasses the mere purchase of flowers. It’s the radiance of delicate orchids illuminating your living space. It’s conveying affection through long-life roses encased in acrylic beauty. Fresh white and peach blossoms elevate a first date into an unforgettable memory.

Distinguish between being impressed and utterly captivated – the right flowers create that line. Immerse special occasions in enchanting blooms, crafting indelible memories. With Maison des Fleurs, envision standing amidst your event, awestruck.

While cherishing unforgettable nights, we excel in other realms too. Adorn corporate events with tailored flowers that resonate. For corporate settings, bespoke flowers bearing your branding and logo. Our bespoke flowers, VIP client gifts, and office arrangements mirror our commitment to exceptional quality and aesthetics.

Discover the transformative power of flowers, whether it’s a luxury collection, a radiant bouquet, or a heartfelt gift for friends. Place an order today and let the enchantment of Maison des Fleurs infuse every moment. And remember that you can get in touch with our team at any time using the contact details below.

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Getting in touch with Maison des Fleurs is as simple as giving us a call or dropping us a message. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Have a query or want to check the status of your order? Reach out to us via WhatsApp at +971552236866 for a personalized conversation that caters to your needs.

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We believe in the power of connection, and that’s why we’re committed to providing you with the most convenient ways to get in touch. Whether it’s about our luxurious rose collection, enchanting orchid plants, or any other query, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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