• A Little Bit of Heaven

    Flowers and chocolates are a match made in heaven! This gorgeous arrangement is complimented with a box of delicious chocolate for a gift that is as tasty as it is beautiful.

  • A Piece of Home

    Meticulously arranged in our 30 cm round box, shades of pink and peach give a feeling of warmth and comfort to create an arrangement that will evoke a feeling of peach and tranquility.

  • A Sweet Treat

    Not only is chocolate a great addition to any gift, it goes perfectly with flowers! This gift set of heartwarming flowers with our new premium chocolate will surely brighten up someone’s day!

  • Blessings

    The shades, shapes and textures come together to form a stunning floral arrangement that is ideal as a gift while you celebrate special milestones with your loved ones.

  • Blueberry Puff

    If you’re looking to keep it simple, this bouquet full of Blue Hydrangeas is a great choice!

    The clusters of their delicate petals create a soothing and serene atmosphere, radiating tranquility and grace. It is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

  • Blushing Petals

    Delight in the beauty of harmonious pink blooms, carefully curated to add a touch of elegance and charm to your moments. Order now to experience the joy of nature’s finest creations.

  • Bombastic!

    There is undeniable beauty in the simplicity of this bouquet featuring the popular bombastic roses, where they take center stage showcasing their splendor.

  • Bubble Gum

    Hydrangeas have a captivating beauty that stands out on its own. This bouquet of Pink Hydrangeas is a perfect example of that.

    The soft, delicate hues of pink create a charming and romantic ambiance while the clusters of blooms add a sense of fullness and grace to the arrangement.

  • Candy Land

    An extremely charming bouquet full of sweet shades of pink. The delightful color scheme will light up any space it’s placed in with its gentle glow.

  • Celestial Elegance

    The soft, creamy tones of these roses exude elegance and sophistication. Their gentle hue creates a sense of serenity and purity, reminiscent of celestial beauty.

  • Cloud Nine

    The flower combination and soft tones used come together to create a breathtaking arrangement that will make you feel as if you were floating on cloud nine.

  • Cotton Candy Dreams

    Hydrangeas, spray roses and Peonies come together to form a charming bouquet. It’s a wonderful choice for expressing love, admiration, or simply brightening up a space with its charm.

  • Dinner For Two

    Share a romantic dinner around a tall standing long life classic roses topiary in a 8 cm black acrylic square box.

  • Elusive Unicorn

    Each bloom is meticulously placed to form a unique and charming design. The color scheme is one that is ideal for celebrations and spreading joy!

  • Enchanted Garden

    The soft, voluminous blooms of hydrangeas blend harmoniously with the classic beauty of roses and the vibrant charm of Gerberas. Together, they form a stunning display of colors, shapes, and textures and make up this garden-inspired arrangement that will mesmerize anyone who lays their eyes on it.


Express Gratitude with Maison Des Fleurs’ Mother’s Day Flowers

Welcome to Maison Des Fleurs, where we redefine the art of gifting with our unique and luxurious fresh flowers. As Mother’s Day approaches in the UAE, we invite you to explore our exquisite range of flowers, crafted to make this day truly memorable. With our same-day delivery service, your heartfelt emotions will reach your loved one promptly and elegantly.

And we have flowers for other occasions, too, including the Christmas flowers in our Festive Collection, New Year flowers, and Easter flowers. Plus, we have long-life roses, orchids, and even faux flowers! For inquiries or to place your order, please don’t hesitate to WhatsApp us on +971 55 223 6866. Discover the perfect bloom to express your love this Mother’s Day with us.

The Best Place for Mother’s Day Flower Delivery in the UAE

Our mothers are among the most significant women in our lives, and Mother’s Day is a means of celebrating and appreciating them. Taking place, a day before Ramadan makes this year’s Mother’s Day particularly significant. Making your Mother’s Day more special is easy with Maison Des Fleurs’ stylish and distinctive selection of flowers, gift baskets, and décor.

A traditional approach to express your care is to give your mother flowers, and Maison des Fleurs offers a choice of exquisite bouquets and decorations to fit every taste.

Mother’s Day is more than a date on the calendar; it’s a heartfelt celebration of love, gratitude, and appreciation. Flowers have long been a symbol of this special day, each bloom whispering a message of love to our cherished mothers. In the colorful world of Mother’s Day flowers, the choices are as varied and unique as the mothers we honour.

Have you ever wondered what sort of flowers are popular on this day, or how to choose the perfect bouquet that speaks your heart’s language? Stay with us as we unfold the beauty and significance of Mother’s Day flowers and discover how to make this day truly unforgettable for your mother.

Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day with Exquisite Flowers and Gifts

Selecting the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day can feel like a delightful journey through a garden of choices. Each flower, from the classic elegance of roses to the vibrant cheer of tulips, carries a unique message of love and appreciation.

Roses, particularly pink and red, are timeless favorites, symbolizing gratitude and admiration. And lilies, with their majestic beauty, convey devotion and purity, making them a stunning choice for Mother’s Day.

Here are some top picks for Mother’s Day flowers:

  • Roses (especially pink and red) for classic beauty.
  • Lilies for a touch of majesty and purity.
  • Tulips for vibrant cheerfulness.
  • Orchids for exotic elegance.
  • Carnations for their enduring love symbol.

Beyond flowers, we offer an array of gifts that complement these beautiful bouquets. Our gift sets, complete with flowers, luxurious chocolates, and even dates, are curated to add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your Mother’s Day celebration.

These gifts are quick to add to your cart and ensure a heartwarming surprise for your mom. Let our flower delivery service help you make this Mother’s Day unforgettable with a perfect combination of blooms and gifts.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in the UAE

Mother’s Day in the UAE is a celebration of the unconditional love and sacrifices made by mothers. It’s a day to step away from routine, to cherish and appreciate these special women. Whether it’s a serene breakfast in Abu Dhabi, a lively shopping spree in Dubai, or a relaxing spa day, each experience adds to the joy of Mother’s Day.

A delightful way to honor your mom is by gifting her with a day of pampering and relaxation, like a soothing spa treatment. Or, for the shopaholic mothers, a shopping trip can be the perfect bonding experience, filled with laughter and memories. For a more tangible expression of love, consider selecting a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers, adding a personal touch with our flower delivery service.

And for those who value practicality, a gift card allows your mom to choose exactly what she desires, be it a stylish new outfit or a sumptuous meal. Whatever your choice, remember it’s not just about the gifts, but the time, care, and love you share on this special day.

Mark the Date: When is Mother’s Day?

In the UAE, Mother’s Day is a time of heartfelt celebration, observed annually on March 21st. It’s a day dedicated to honoring the love, sacrifice, and endless care of mothers. This special date offers a perfect opportunity to express gratitude and affection towards the remarkable women in our lives.

Our Locations in the UAE

This Mother’s Day, celebrate with flowers and gifts from our flower shops, conveniently situated across the UAE in these locations:

We are also located in other Emirates of the UAE:

Why Choose Us to Deliver Your Mother’s Day Flowers?

Choosing us for your Mother’s Day celebrations in the UAE means opting for unmatched elegance and thoughtfulness. Our expertise in crafting bespoke, luxurious floral arrangements ensures that your gift is not just a bouquet, but a personal expression of love and appreciation.

With our same-day flower delivery service, you’re guaranteed freshness and promptness. Our wide range of flowers and premium gift options, coupled with helpful, knowledgeable staff, makes the selection process enjoyable and easy. We are committed to making your gesture of love memorable, reflecting the unique bond you share with your mother.


Dive into the world of floral elegance in our blog section. Here, you’ll find inspiring articles and tips about selecting the perfect flowers for any occasion. Whether you’re a flower enthusiast or looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, our blogs are a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

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Looking to make Mother’s Day extra special in the UAE? Connect with us at Maison Des Fleurs for an exclusive selection of flowers and gifts. Whether you need guidance on choosing the perfect bouquet or have specific requirements, our team is here to assist. Reach out to us by WhatsApp on +971 55 223 6866 for immediate assistance or personal consultations.

Prefer emailing? Send your queries or orders to order@maisondesfleurs.com for order-specific information and to info@maisondesfleurs.com for general inquiries. For added convenience, use our contact form for any requests or questions. Let us help you create unforgettable moments this Mother’s Day with our exquisite floral arrangements.

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