Mother’s Day 2023 
Our mothers are among the most significant women in our lives, and Mother’s Day is a means of celebrating and appreciating them. Taking place, a day before Ramadan makes this year’s Mother’s Day particularly significant. Making your Mother’s Day more special is easy with Maison Des Fleurs’ stylish and distinctive selection of flowers, gift baskets, and décor.
A traditional approach to express your care is to give your mother flowers, and Maison des Fleurs offers a choice of exquisite bouquets and decorations to fit every taste. Some of the suggested alternatives include the “Enchanting Pastels” bouquet and the “Bedazzled” arrangement. You can also arrange blossoms and other colourful decorations at your mother ‘s space and organize a unique activity or outing that she would like.
The well-known “You Deserve the World” set from Maison des Fleurs, consisting of flowers, chocolates, and other opulent goodies, is one of the many gift sets that is loved by our clientele. We have also recently introduced “The Crescent,” a unique design that adds beauty and style to any space.
Maison Des Fleurs carries all the essentials you’ll require to turn this Mother’s Day into a memorable one. We provide a variety of options, from floral arrangements to gift sets and décor, that are ideal for expressing your love and gratitude to your mother.

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