Your House of Flowers

About Maison Des Fleurs Flower Shop UAE

Maison Des Fleurs is more than just a one-stop shop for luxury flowers. It’s memories and special moments, anniversaries, and holidays.

At Maison Des Fleurs, it’s not just about buying flowers.

It’s about brightening up your living room with an elegant box of orchids.

It’s telling your partner you love them with a long-life rose in a beautiful acrylic box.

It’s adding the final touch to the perfect first date with white and peach fresh flowers.

It’s about getting someone a gift that says you care without having to say a word.

It’s Maison Des Fleurs, your house of flowers.

About Maison Des Fleurs

Make Your Events Memorable.

The difference between being impressed and being blown away is the right flowers. Flood and shower your special occasion with the most magical flowers to make your event that much more memorable. With Maison Des Fleurs, we will make sure we leave you standing in the middle of your venue, breathless and blown away.

About Maison Des Fleurs

We Mean Business

We appreciate the memorable fun nights as much as anyone, but at Maison Des Fleurs we also mean business. Decorate your corporate events with the appropriate flowers arrangements that will leave a lasting, strong impression. For corporate events, we provide bespoke customized arrangements fitted with company branding and logo. We also do special gift sets for VIP clients, giveaways, and bespoke flower assortments for your offices.

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