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“I have been choosing Maison des Fleurs for my husband’s birthday for the past 2 years. They are always on time and indeed extremely fresh and beautifully arranged. Indeed, I am one of their most satisfied clients.”

Jessica Manzano •


“I am in love with the quality of service they provide. Their flowers truly speak luxury.”

Yara Khateeb •


“Maison des Fleurs is and will always be very special for me! My husband gets me their Orchids each time we celebrate a special occasion.”

Nessy Serrano •


“Highly recommended! They not just deliver flowers, but luxury at your doorstep! I have ordered twice from them and was awestruck both the times.”

Maryam Ali •


“I recommend Maison Des Fleurs to my relatives and friends and I would definitely recommend it to all looking for a gift for someone special.”

Razzak Bilaal •


“I had heard a lot of appreciation for Maison des Fleurs from my friends but truly experienced their efficient service and high-quality flowers when I ordered it myself. I must say, its excellent.”

Wei Zhang •


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Words that carry important meaning throughout every relationship. Telling someone I love you is a special exchange of not only words, but feelings , truth, and emotions. You can find a thousand ways to say I love you. But nothing says I love you better than the perfect flower arrangements, that leave them speechless, and swept off their feet.

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Everything You Need to Know About Flowers

Flowers are delicate and interesting creatures with minds of their own. Like every other plant, flowers are living organisms. In fact, flowers have been around since before human civilizations. Part of a historical heritage, that is how long flowers have been around. Flowers also have lineage amongst themselves, and to other fruits. Meaning that, some flowers may be part of a larger family tree. Perhaps to some of your favorite fruits! The history behind flowers is long and interesting.

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5 Flower Care Secrets to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Flowers are delicate creatures that deserve your care and attention. You can simply buy flowers and leave them in a vase full of water. But doing so will not guarantee that they will last long, or keep the same brightness, and freshness that they can potentially have.

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Life Saving Flower Tips That You Will Need This Valentines Day

It’s that time of the year again and love is in the air. Valentine’s day is just around the corner and nothing says “I Love You” better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether it’s fresh flowers, orchids, or long life roses, buying a bouquet for that special someone is an absolute must on Valentine’s day.

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