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Have you been searching for a proven flower shop in Lebanon that can deliver luxury flowers and custom floral arrangements? Then look no further, as you’ve found the experts at Maison Des Fleurs! We’re delighted to be the first-choice team for customers in Lebanon who are looking to purchase gorgeous flowers for all types of events. 

Maison Des Fleurs: Your Go-To Flower Shop in Lebanon for Exquisite Blooms 

Discover the epitome of luxury flowers at Maison Des Fleurs, your premier flower shop in Lebanon. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite blooms sourced from the finest growers. With our exceptional selection, impeccable service, and attention to detail, we’re dedicated to making your special moments truly memorable. 

A Wide Range of Flower Options to Choose From

At Maison Des Fleurs, we take immense pride in offering our customers a wide range of flower options to choose from, ensuring that every special moment is beautifully adorned with luxury blooms. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail has allowed us to curate an impressive selection of exquisite flowers, each carefully handpicked to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. 

Step into the world of freshness and natural beauty with our captivating fresh flowers. Sourced from the finest growers, these blooms exude vibrancy and fragrance that can brighten any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a joyous event or expressing heartfelt sentiments, our fresh flower collection is sure to make a lasting impression. 

Elegance meets endurance with our long-life roses. Crafted through a meticulous preservation process, these roses offer timeless beauty that will grace your surroundings for months on end. Embrace the romantic allure of preserved roses or surprise your loved ones with a gift that symbolizes everlasting love and admiration. 

Indulge in the allure of exotic beauty with our luxury orchids. Known for their captivating shapes and radiant colours, our orchid collection adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Perfect as a thoughtful gift or to elevate the ambiance of your home or office, these exquisite blooms will surely leave a lasting impression. 

Discover the enchantment of everlasting beauty with our faux flower collection. Meticulously crafted to replicate the look and feel of real blooms, our luxury faux flowers offer a permanent floral solution that never fades. Create stunning arrangements and decorations that stand the test of time, providing a touch of elegance to any space. 

Celebrate the joys of summer with our seasonal summer collection. Bursting with vibrant colours and energy, this curated selection captures the essence of the sunny season. From tropical delights to radiant bouquets, our summer flowers are perfect for brightening up your events and embracing the spirit of summertime. 

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Discover the Artistry of Flower Decor for Every Occasion

At Maison Des Fleurs, we’re delighted to offer floral arrangements, decorations, and gifts for all types of occasions in Lebanon. You can depend on our team to deliver the same high standard of service no matter what kind of event you’re hosting. Learn more about the excellent options that we have available below: 


At Maison Des Fleurs, we’re delighted to offer floral arrangements, decorations, and gifts for all types of occasions in Lebanon. You can depend on our team to deliver the same high standard of service no matter what kind of event you’re hosting. Learn more about the excellent options that we have available below: 

Wedding and Events

Create magical moments with Maison Des Fleurswedding and event floral arrangements. Our team collaborates closely to design enchanting displays that reflect your unique love story or event theme. From bridal bouquets to venue decor, our luxury flowers add an air of romance and elegance to your special day. 

Home Floral Decor

Transform your living spaces with Maison Des Fleurs’ home floral decor. Our luxury flower arrangements brighten up your interiors, adding a touch of natural beauty to your home. From exquisite vase displays to chic tabletop arrangements, elevate your surroundings with our captivating blooms. 


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Order Your Flowers Online in Lebanon

Take a look through our impressive selection of flowers to get a better idea of what we have available. If you find a product that takes your fancy, order it online and have it delivered to your door in no time. We always aim to have our flowers and other items sent out to clients in Lebanon as quickly as possible. Be sure to browse through our impressive range of items now! 


Yes, Maison Des Fleurs provides same-day flower delivery in Lebanon. We understand the importance of timely delivery, ensuring your thoughtful gifts reach their recipients promptly and in perfect condition. Trust our reliable service to convey your heartfelt emotions with the beauty of luxury flowers, delivered with care. 

Absolutely! Maison Des Fleurs takes pride in crafting custom floral arrangements that elevate your special occasions. Our skilled team collaborates with you to understand your vision and preferences, curating bespoke designs that exude elegance and beauty. Personalize your celebrations with our exquisite luxury flowers. 

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or any special celebration, we’re here to create bespoke masterpieces that will leave a lasting impression. Let us transform your ideas into breathtaking reality with our personalised touch. And with the convenience of booking flower delivery online, ordering the perfect floral option has never been easier. 

Indeed, Maison Des Fleurs offers captivating floral arrangements for corporate events. Elevate your business gatherings and conferences with our sophisticated floral decor. Our designs add a touch of professionalism and charm, creating a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike. Trust us to make your corporate events exceptional. 

Maison Des Fleurs Lebanon Location

Our branch in Lebanon has the same high standard of quality products as all of our stores. Visit us in-store to see some of the stunning flowers and gift options that we have available for all customers. 


Marfaa Plot 157, Unit 11, Solidere BldgSaad Zaghloul Street, Fosh district Beirut

Opening Times: 10 am to 10 pm

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