• A Summer Love

    Capturing the essence of a blossoming romance under the summer sun, this enchanting faux flower arrangement radiate from a 52cm orange vase. It is more than just an arrangement, it’s a celebration of the fleeting magic of summer, inviting you to bask in its glow.

  • A Summer to Remember

    Bursting with the bold colors of summer, this dazzling faux floral arrangement sits gracefully in a vibrant orange vase. The bright colors will bring any space they are placed in to life and will add some color to your summer days.

  • Breezy Whispers

    Faux Oncidium orchids nestled in a 100cm x 60cm planter, each petal sways gracefully, echoing the delicate whispers of nature. This piece will transform any space into a tranquil oasis, inviting you to immerse yourself in the peaceful floral whispers.

  • Bridgeton’s Garden

    An exquisite fresh flower arrangement inspired by refined beauty, featuring peach and cream dahlias, with subtle hints of color that add a delightful charm. Arranged in our signature sculpted vase, this display captures the essence of elegance, making it a captivating centerpiece for any occasion.

  • Bubbly Rosé

    This faux flower arrangement features delicate pansies dancing gracefully within a cute pink vase. The arrangement evokes a spirit of celebration with a toast to life’s beautiful moments.

  • Chasing Dreams

    A captivating faux flower arrangement inspired by the ethereal beauty of dreams; this enchanting display features a perfect blend of orange, peach, salmon, and yellow hues to creates a dreamlike atmosphere.

  • Courting Colors

    A vibrant fresh floral arrangement placed in a 30 cm tall glass vase. This striking bouquet features bold orange dahlias complemented by accents of sunny yellow, soft pink, and regal purple flowers. Each bloom has been selected to create a harmonious display that radiates warmth and charm.

  • Dramatic Flare

    Encapsulating the essence of regal gardens and extravagant soirees, this bouquet of fresh flowers blends the vibrancy of matthiolas with the soft allure of peach dahlias, and the elegant height of eremurus, bringing a touch of romantic drama to any setting.

  • Duchess’ Dream

    A beautiful combination of fresh flowers, designed with elegance and romance in mind, meticulously arranged in our eco-friendly box. This arrangement showcases luxurious peach Dahlias, complemented by delicate lavender Matthiolas. The flowers come together to form a captivating and elegant arrangement, all while staying mindful of our impact on the environment.

  • Feeling Feisty

    A striking display featuring yellow ranunculus and honeysuckles, complemented with bold orange chrysanthemums. This spirited faux flower arrangement exudes feel-good energy as it stands tall in a 37cm vase.

  • Floral Flamingo

    A vivacious faux flower arrangement presented in a sleek and tall pink vase, echoing the grace and elegance of a flamingo’s stature. With its playful yet refined aesthetic, the array of vibrant blooms in hues of pink, coral, salmon, will certainly make a statement in any space.

  • Fuchsia Fury

    A mesmerizing faux floral arrangement showcased in a stunning 47cm tall pink vase. Stretching out in an appealing display of pink and mauve hues, it is a perfect centerpiece if you’re looking to add a touch of drama and sophistication to your space.

  • Gemini

    Showcasing the duality of beauty in a delicate interplay of colors, this faux flower arrangement sits in a charming pink vase that perfectly complements its graceful transition of hues.

  • Golden Hour

    A striking faux flower arrangement set in a 25cm sleek orange vase, radiating the warmth of a sunset with its vibrant orange hues. Lifelike faux flowers paired with soft green foliage, to create a captivating display that brings a touch of warmth to any space. “Golden Hour” captures the essence of nature’s beauty in a timeless arrangement.

  • Heiress’s Haven

    Inspired by the grace and elegance of a sunlit courtyard, this bouquet embodies the essence and charm of a summer day. It features a delicate blend of peach and cream dahlias nestled among lush greenery, accented by striking purple alliums. The flowers come together to create a playful yet sophisticated bouquet, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.


Our collection is perfect for brightening up your home or event with fresh flower arrangements, as well as providing long-lasting beauty with our high-quality faux flowers and plants. Whether you’re looking for a stunning centerpiece for your summer soirée or a beautiful arrangement to gift to a loved one, we have you covered. Our summer collection features a variety of vibrant colors and textures, inspired by the beauty of the season. Browse our selection and bring the essence of summer into your home today.

Unleash the Magic of Summer: Discover Our Luxury Flower Shop’s Enchanting Summer Collection

Welcome to the most delightful luxury flower shop Dubai has seen – Maison Des Fleurs, your ultimate destination for luxury floral experiences. As a leading flower shop, we take immense pride in curating exquisite arrangements that reflect elegance, creativity, and unmatched beauty. With our same-day delivery service, your heartfelt gestures can be swiftly conveyed to your loved ones, ensuring timely surprises that leave a lasting impression.

Our dedication to premium gifting is evident in every meticulously crafted design as we strive to exceed your expectations. We offer bespoke luxury floral options for all occasions, providing a truly personalized experience. Call or chat with our team on WhatsApp at +971 55 223 6866 to discover the epitome of floral elegance.

Summer Flower Arrangements

Visit the finest luxury flower shop Dubai has to offer and discover the beauty of summer with our stunning flower arrangements that capture the essence of the season. From vibrant sunflowers to delicate roses, our Summer Collection offers a wide range of floral varieties to brighten up any space.

Embrace the Vibrance of Summer with our Exclusive Summer Collection

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of summer with our exclusive collection of floral arrangements. Bursting with radiant colors and fresh scents, these handcrafted creations are meticulously designed by our skilled florists to bring the joy and energy of the season into your home or special event.

From cheerful sunflowers to delicate roses, each arrangement is carefully curated to capture the essence of summer and create a captivating visual display. Whether you’re looking to adorn your living space, celebrate a summer occasion, or surprise someone with a gift that embodies the season’s beauty, our exquisite floral arrangements will undoubtedly elevate the ambiance and leave a lasting impression.

Visit our flower shop in Dubai today to browse our bright and colorful Summer Collection!

Online Flower Delivery in Dubai & UAE

With our online flower delivery service, you can enjoy the convenience of sending stunning floral arrangements to your loved ones in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

At Maison Des Fleurs, we prioritize a seamless and reliable delivery process, ensuring that your chosen blooms reach their destination fresh and vibrant. Whether it’s a special occasion, a gesture of love, or a simple expression of gratitude, you can count on our flower shop in Dubai to deliver your heartfelt sentiments with unwavering elegance and efficiency.

Experience the joy of gifting flowers from the comfort of your home, knowing that Maison Des Fleurs will handle every detail with care.

What types of flowers can I find in the Summer Collection?

Our Summer Collection showcases an array of captivating flowers, including sunflowers, daisies, lilies, roses, and more. These carefully selected blooms embody the vibrant and lively essence of summer, ensuring that each arrangement exudes a sense of warmth and natural beauty.

Can I customize the Summer Collection arrangements to suit my preferences?

Absolutely! We understand that personalization is key when it comes to expressing your unique style and sentiments. You can customize the Summer Collection arrangements by selecting your preferred flower types, colors, and arrangement styles. Our skilled florists will bring your vision to life, ensuring a truly personalized experience.

Can I include a personalized message or card with the Summer Collection arrangements?

Certainly! We believe that thoughtful gestures make all the difference. You can include a personalized message or card with your Summer Collection arrangement to convey your heartfelt sentiments. Simply let us know your desired message, and we will ensure it accompanies your floral gift in a beautifully presented manner.

How can I place an order from the Summer Collection?

Placing an order from our Summer Collection is easy. You can visit our website, browse through the exquisite selection of summer arrangements, and choose the one that resonates with you. Alternatively, you can contact our dedicated team to discuss your preferences and place your order effortlessly.

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