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  • Blushing Petals

    Delight in the beauty of harmonious pink blooms, carefully curated to add a touch of elegance and charm to your moments. Order now to experience the joy of nature’s finest creations.

  • J’Adore

    Beautiful. Elaborate. Fresh roses complimented by a single white orchid bloom in a 15 cm square box.

  • Larger Than Life

    1 long life classic in a crystal clear 10 cm acrylic square box. The perfect gift for that special someone.

  • Scorching Hot!

    A classic bouquet of red roses is a timeless symbol of love and romance. Whether gifted as a gesture of love, on special occasions, or to keep the romance alive, a bouquet of red roses never fails to keep the flame of romance burning.

  • Crème en Noir

    Our chic ensemble of fresh roses in a classy square box.

  • Fresh Roses and Orchids in a Square Box

    Please select the options below to create your own required combination of box and flowers

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  • Her Highness

    A bouquet befit for a queen. A single white orchid bloom with an entourage of roses in a 15 cm square box.

  • 50 Shades of Pink

    Flowers in different shades of pink beaming out of a 15 cm box.

  • A Brighter Day

    Brighten up someone’s day with 25 long life roses in a 30 cm clear acrylic round box.

  • A House Of Flowers

    Mixed white and yellow fresh flower arrangement in a 90×30 rectangular box. Your House of Flowers.

  • A Night in Paris

    A mix of purple and pink flowers in a 15 cm square box. The type of ensemble you would love to have resting on top of a romantic dinner table on a night in Paris.

  • Audrey Hepburn

    An iconic ensemble of fresh mix of two color roses of your choice in a 30 cm square box.

  • Be My Valentine

    The romantic movie classic. Celebrate love with an ensemble of fresh roses in this grandeur 30 cm square box.

  • Black Swan

    An elegant white orchid bloom rests gracefully among fresh roses in a 20 cm black box.

  • boîte d’amour

    A fiery ensemble filled with love. 25 long life classic roses in a 30 cm clear acrylic round box.


Birthday Flowers

If you’re searching for exquisite birthday flowers to enhance your special occasion, Maison Des Fleurs offers the perfect solution! Our extensive selection of birthday flowers and other value-for-money bundles cater to homemakers and event hosts alike. No matter the age of the recipient, our team will make sure that you end up with gorgeous birthday flowers that help to make for a memorable occasion. We have a diverse selection of gorgeous flowers available for all clients, so don’t miss out! Discover our range of birthday flowers below and let our experts in Dubai assist in fulfilling all your floral requirements.

Elegant Happy Birthday Flower Arrangements

Here at Maison Des Fleurs, we’re delighted to be the number one supplier of stunning birthday flowers in Dubai. Our team has put together several packages that are perfect for birthdays and will make for a wonderful gift. No matter what type of birthday flowers you’re looking to buy, you’re sure to find a suitable option when browsing our range. Our team can put together a bespoke package of flowers to ensure that the recipient of your birthday flowers ends up with all of their favorites.

The first step to take when purchasing birthday flowers from our team is to take a look through our online selection. You’ll find that we have a diverse range of products available, all of which represent the highest quality. We have put together a dedicated section that is comprised of blooming birthday flowers that are sure to catch the eye. You’ll find that we have packages available that are suitable for every budget, so you’ll be able to purchase birthday flowers that are both affordable and luxurious.

If you’d like to have specific flowers as part of your birthday flower package, be sure to get in touch with our experts. We’ll be able to introduce you to the impressive selection of birthday flowers that we have available and help you to settle on an option that is perfect for your loved one. We can mix and match a wide range of luxurious flowers, all of which have been chosen with care and will last longer than the average flower. Overall, we aim to take customers through a quick and straightforward process.

From Roses to Orchids: Find the Ideal Birthday Flowers for Anyone

As well as having an impressive selection of birthday flower packages available, we at Maison Des Fleurs also have a wide range of other luxurious flowers in our store. These long-life flowers are just as good a present for a birthday as some of the package options that we offer.

Two of the most popular flowers that we have on our site are roses and orchids. The long-life roses and orchids that we sell have been specially chosen by our specialists, as they ensure that every customer gets a stunning gift that is meant to last.

The preserved birthday flowers that we deliver can last for many years if they are looked after correctly. Rest assured, all of the preserved flowers that we sell have been hand-picked at the peak of blooming, so you’ll always be getting flowers that look amazing for any occasion.

Online Flower Delivery in UAE: Choose from our Luxury Birthday Flowers Collection

It’s important to our team that every customer ends up with birthday flowers of the highest quality and that these flowers are delivered in the best possible condition. Our experts pack all of the birthday flower bundles that we have available carefully and have them sent to customers via a reliable courier. You can expect to receive your flowers on the expected date and in the finest condition. If you’d like further information about our delivery options, simply reach out to our birthday flower experts in Dubai today.

Maison des Fleurs Locations

Maison Des Fleurs strives to bring our beautiful birthday flowers and other exquisite packages to a wide range of customers, both within and beyond the UAE. That’s why you can also find us in the Lebanon, Kuwait, and the United Kingdom. Regardless of location, all of our stores deliver the highest quality flowers, ensuring that you will always receive the finest products. If you live in any of these locations, be sure to take advantage of our stunning selection of birthday flowers for your special day.

Contact Us

Contact Maison Des Fleurs today, the top supplier of birthday flowers in Dubai, to explore our exquisite range of luxurious birthday flowers. Our friendly team is always ready to assist you and provide detailed information about our selection of birthday flowers and other products. You can speak directly to our birthday flower experts by calling +971 4 276 5886. Alternatively, send us an email at info@maisondesfleurs.com for a prompt response. Don’t miss the chance to have stunning birthday flowers delivered to your special day in Dubai.

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