**NEW Flower Decor Collection 2024**

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  • Enchanté

    A single Red long life rose in a 40 cm tall clear acrylic box. What else is there to say? Je suis enchanté!

  • Our Heartfelt Extravaganza

    When it comes to making a lasting impression, our large boxes of long-life roses have consistently redefined exceptional gifting. In a new take on our largest box, we present our signature acrylic box that you know and love in an extra-large heart shape. Whether it’s an engagement, anniversary, or “just because…” , this masterpiece celebrates love in every one of its blooms!

    AED 39,600 ADD TO BASKET
  • Soulmates

    A brand new take on two of the all time Valentine’s classics; hearts and red roses!

    Two separate hearts filled with long life roses come together, falling perfectly in place like pieces of a puzzle – is this what it feels like when you find your soulmate?

    AED 14,500 ADD TO BASKET
  • Under your Spell

    Love is in the air and elegant long life roses are an ideal gift if you’re looking for something that will last.

    Introducing another variation of one of our classics; the standing long life single rose. It is not one, not two, but four standing roses, each in its own box that come together to form an elegant cluster of standing roses. She can even arrange the different sized boxes in any way that she likes.


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